The Best Car Insurance Companies You Can Find

Are you looking for the best car insurance company? Every person who drives wants to find the best auto insurance company that is affordable and offers the best rates. The best company is one that will give you the most coverage for your money. What does that mean to you? You should have adequate insurance to protect you and others if you are in an accident.

best car insurance company

In studies of inexpensive car insurance companies, Geico often provides the best rates for many consumers. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, Geico has won the top AM Best credit rating and second-largest market share, 12.2%, in the United States, based on the Insurance Information Institute (iii). According to the same survey, Geico was also rated as the best car insurance company in the world by customer ratings at least five times. From these high customer ratings at least five different survey websites, we compiled the best car insurance company rankings based on customer satisfaction results, the highest rank being first place.

Based on the customer rating at these different websites, you can see what the best car insurance company rankings are. From these rankings, we narrowed down the companies that fell into the best car insurance company categories. By using the Internet, we were able to identify those companies that had the best customer ratings and had the highest insurve score. We then looked at how they ranked from one star to five stars, where they fell from the highest to lowest rankings, and from one star to three stars.

When we performed a search on the Internet, we found that there were only two companies that cracked the best car insurance company rankings among all companies that provide vehicle coverage. One of the companies that made the list was Geico, and their ranking was number 13. Geico is a well known and popular company that offers good rates on car insurance. Their website boasts an excellent rating from drivers who have purchased their policies and are very satisfied with them.

The other company that cracked the best car insurance company rankings was USAA. USAA was the only one of the five companies we investigated that had a perfect rating from both customers and the rating site itself. USAA has been in business since 1941, and until recently, was one of the best car insurance providers around. Their website boasts a great rating from both the customers and the rating site itself. USAA is now contracted out to Progressive, and their website does not mention any plans to move their headquarters to Florida. According to the Progressive website, they remain ” headquartered in Columbus, Georgia – which has always been their home state.

Based on this information, it appears that USAA may be a good company to get your auto insurance policy from if you want the least amount of paperwork. Of course, this does not mean that they are the best provider for your needs. You should still review each of the companies on our list to determine which will offer you the most value for your money. Each of the companies has good rankings because they offer good car insurance policy coverage levels, but they are not ranked equally. To get a fair comparison, check out some Progressive Insurance Reviews.

The two insurers that fell just short of the top five positions were GEICO and USAA. GEICO had the least amount of total coverage available from their policy offerings, but their total premium payments were lower than USAA’s. If you add up the score savings you will receive from taking GEICO’s less expensive premiums versus USAA’s more expensive rates, you may be able to save a few hundred dollars per year. This would be enough to make GEICO the best option to go with when you need to purchase car insurance policy coverage levels.

The final two companies, we will discuss in this article are Progressive and AIG. Progressive was the highest ranked insurer in our list but their low premiums and affordable policy coverage levels may leave some customers wondering if they are really worth the cost. With a low ratio of claims to insurance claims per year and an excellent safety history, AIG had the best car insurance companies as well but their ratio of claims to insurance claims per year is much higher than the other two. When you consider that you could save hundreds of dollars each year by using the top two companies to meet your needs and paying only a fraction of the total premiums you would be saving, it seems that the high expense of these auto insurance company policies is simply a price to pay.