VIKING takes on hook retrofit company

Marine and fire safety equipment and servicing provider VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S has announced the acquisition of Nadiro A/S, a company owned by maritime and energy conglomerate Maersk Group and SH Group.
VIKING takes on hook retrofit company

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S has taken ownership of Nadiro A/S.

Established in 2009, Svendborg, Denmark-based Nadiro manufactures lifeboat and rescue craft systems.

VIKING has had the status of preferred distributor and service provider, supplying the company’s LRRSs (lifeboat release and retrieval systems) to enable ship owners to comply with new SOLAS regulations by or before 2019. Hook retrofitting is necessary to prevent serious accidents resulting from unsafe lifeboat deployment systems. Nadiro enables VIKING to provide high-quality, extremely reliable solutions that ensure safety levels beyond basic compliance.

VIKING CEO Henrik Uhd Christensen explains the acquisition of Nadiro as a strategic move that enables the company to better address safety issue for its customers, and as part of the continued expansion of VIKING’s product portfolio.

“For more than a decade, on-load release hooks installed to enable lifeboats to be lowered into and retrieved from the water have themselves been the cause of numerous accidents,” says Henrik Uhd Christensen. “Some have involved fatalities. With our stated mission to protect and save human lives all over the world, and our global leadership within maritime safety equipment, doing everything we can to rectify the problem has been a natural focal point for VIKING over the past few years.

The brand will be renamed VIKING Nadiro. “The VIKING Nadiro brand will give ship owners a complete and high-quality answer to the LRRS compliance challenge,” concludes Henrik Uhd Christensen.


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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