CMA CGM’s second Great Explorer enters the fleet

CMA CGM says the Georg Forster was delivered on 2nd June in South Korea and is the second in a new series of vessels for the group
CMA CGM’s second Great Explorer enters the fleet

CMA CGM's second 18,000 teu capacity vessel has been delivered.

Part of the Great Explorers series of vessels, the Georg Forster is one of six ships that will have the largest containership capacity of the group's fleet.

Taller than the Empire State Building and wider than an Olympic pool, the vessel has a thrust equivalent to 10 Airbus A380s. 

Calling at 11 different countries, the Georg Forster will join vessels sailing the French Asia Line (FAL), one of the most emblematic lines of the CMA CGM group. 

The Georg Forster is equipped with the latest environmental technologies including a new generation engine, a twisted leading edge rudder with bulb, and an optimised hull design.

The technological innovations decrease the CMA CGM Georg Forster CO2 emissions by 10 percent compared to the previous vessel generation. With an estimated emission of 37g of CO2/km for each container, the CMA CGM Georg Forster is one of the greenest goods transport means in the world. In accordance with the group’s commitment, the CMA CGM Georg Forster's environmental footprint responds to the 2025 energy efficiency regulations.

The vessel is named after the famous 18th-century German travel writer, who was part of the James Cook’s expedition in Southern Seas. He is also considered to be one of the founders of ethnology and anthropology.

Sailing under the UK flag, the CMA CGM Georg Forster will start her first rotation on June 2nd. She will sail and call at the different ports of the FAL rotation in China, Malaysia, Egypt, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast up to Germany.

The vessel will be christened in Hamburg on July 9th.


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