APM Terminals Mumbai breaks record 2 million teus

Representing 45 percent of Jawaharlal Nehru Port's (JNP) container volume, APM Terminals Mumbai has surpassed two million teus handled in 2014
APM Terminals Mumbai breaks record 2 million teus

APM Terminals Mumbai has hit a new record for Indian ports by handling a total of 2.01 million teus during 2014.

APM Terminals Mumbai is one of three terminals operating out of Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNP), India’s largest container port. Last year’s numbers accounted for 45 percent of JNP’s throughput, and around 20 percent of India’s total container traffic.

Larger vessels of the 9,000 teu capacity class have been calling at APM Terminals Mumbai since 2013. The deepening of the harbor channel in 2014 alongside an increase in the vessel size and container volumes are said to be contributing factors to the growth. APM Terminals also stated that the increase is putting pressure on the existing Indian port infrastructure, which must also deal with regulatory issues which have held back further infrastructure investment.

“The need of the hour is to ensure we find an acceptable solution with the authorities on the longstanding issue of the tariff that we are allowed to charge at the terminal” said APM Terminals Mumbai Chairman, Rizwan Soomar.
APM Terminals Mumbai has brought in a number of initiatives to help achieve faster gate turnarounds and heightened productivity. Since their implementation the terminal can handle an average gate throughput of 5,000 teus, compared with a previous daily throughput of 3,500 to 4,000 teus. In February 2015, APM Terminals Mumbai set a new record for highest February volume recorded by an Indian container terminal, with 164,678 teus.
APM Terminals Mumbai is currently in the final stages of completing a container weighing project that will help to assure accurate weight declarations for loaded containers, and thereby provide a safe working environment to stakeholders.


by Laura Stackhouse

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