Viking strikes ice capable vessel deal

Viking Supply Ships has agreed to a new $45 million contract for its icy weather anchor handler, Vidar Viking
Viking strikes ice capable vessel deal
By Marcusroos at en.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons

Viking Supply Ships has won a new contract worth $45 million.

The deal, struck with an undisclosed charterer, is for the ice capable anchor handler vessel the Vidar Viking which is employed in the far east of Russia.

The contract is for eight months with extension options for a further half year.

In a statement, the company said that the final option of its existing contract had been exercised and that the 18,300-bhp vessel would work until 2nd December 2015, when the new contract comes into place.

“The contract reflects the area of operation, the ice-breaking ship and the competencies of the Viking organisation regarding operations in ice,” the company said.

Viking Supply Ships is a subsidiary of Gothenburg-based Rederi AB TransAtlantic. 


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