Osiris completes ROV contract for UK’s largest wind farm

Subsidiary of James Fisher and Sons, Osiris has successfully finished a contract carrying out services at the Humber Gateway off the coast of East Yorkshire, UK
Osiris completes ROV contract for UK’s largest wind farm

Osiris has announced the successful completion of a long-term project which started in spring 2014, carrying out a wide-range of services with cross-trained personnel on the 219MW wind farm, Humber Gateway.

Part of James Fisher and Sons PLC, Osiris supplied a Cougar-XT ROV to conduct seabed inspection work and transition piece cable pull-in teams. The teams mobilised from its shoreside support base in Grimsby using a moored, large multi-cat vessel and the ROV conducted around 30 dives in free swimming mode.

The initial success led to Osiris receiving an invitation to extend their role on the Humber Gateway and complete unfinished cable pull-ins through an externally positioned J-Tube.

West continued: “Being able to mobilise on the door step of the Humber offshore renewable industry and utilise our assets on the East Coast had a significant impact on this project. Successful delivery of the Humber Gateway project has considerably raised Osiris’s profile within the region and we’ve developed a great relationship with one of the main industry leaders that should hopefully lead to more work.”


by Laura Stackhouse

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