Hapag-Lloyd raises safety of dangerous goods transport

Using new watchdog software, Hapag-Lloyd managed to discover over 2,600 incorrect declarations before transportation in 2014
Hapag-Lloyd raises safety of dangerous goods transport

Shipping container company, Hapag-Lloyd has announced that during 2014 it discovered 2,620 cases of incorrectly declared dangerous goods before transportation.

Overall 162,000 suspicious cases were recorded by Hapag-Lloyd’s specially trained personnel using watchdog software. The programme continuously examines Haag-Lloyd’s cargo data to spot possible issues. It has a database of over 6,000 keywords which are constantly being added to and refined. 

“The percentage of incorrectly declared dangerous goods shipments may not seem all that high in light of the six million standard containers transported by Hapag-Lloyd annually. However, if you consider that a single incorrectly declared container is enough to cause a disaster, the devastating potential of every single incorrect or non-declaration becomes clear,” says Ken Rohlmann, head of the dangerous goods department at Hapag-Lloyd.

“As one of the market leaders in the transportation of dangerous goods, we have therefore looked for a solution to ensure much greater safety. The same cargo does not pose an acute risk if it is transported correctly.” Rohlmann also presented Hapag-Lloyd’s findings and its watchdog software at a recent meeting of the Port Safety Commission in Hamburg. “Other shipping companies have also shown significant interest in our software as the issue is one of the main challenges for the whole shipping industry in the dangerous goods sector. The safer the entire sea transport system is, the better for everyone,” he says.

According to the company, the watchdog programme has been in development since 2011 and is manned by Hapag-Lloyd’s dangerous goods experts who work to programme effective search routines. 


by Laura Stackhouse

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