Rickmers Shipmanagement wins technical contracts for seven carriers

Rickmers Group subsidiary set to takeover ship management of seven supramax bulk carriers, each of which will join the company's managed fleet starting from April 1, 2015
Rickmers Shipmanagement wins technical contracts for seven carriers

Rickmers Shipmanagement has been awarded with the technical shipmanagement for a fleet of seven supramax bulk vessels.

The Rickmers Group subsidiary will take over the vessels, each of which will join the company’s management fleet from April 1, 2015. Rickmers also takes over responsibility for the vessels with regards to the International Safety Management (ISM) and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Codes.

In a statement, Rickmers Group said that the new bulker carriers enhance their capacity as a third party manager and increase the number of non-box ships on their books, diversifying the fleet and contributing to the group’s return to the bulk business. Recently Rickmers’ 50 percent joint venture with Harper Petersen took over the exclusive chartering for 21 bulk carriers.

Ignace Van Meenen, CEO Rickmers Group, explained: “We now manage box ships as well as multipurpose vessels, car carriers and bulk carriers. After Harper Petersen just recently returned to the chartering, sales and purchase of bulkers, we as Rickmers Group are now involved in both commercial and technical management for those ships, thereby expanding our area of business and strengthening our market position.”

The seven vessels are operated in world-wide tramp services without a fixed scheduled. 


by Laura Stackhouse

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