Burgess teams up with Turks yard

Turks Shipyard has partnered with Burgess Marine to offer a better service in Chatham Historic Dockyard
Burgess teams up with Turks yard

Turks Shipyard and Burgess Marine have teamed up to bring a new service to the ship repair and marine engineering industry based on the River Thames.

Turks dry dock and slipway can be found in Chatham Historic Dockyard, which measures 110m by 15.2m with a 3.5m draught, with a newly installed 600 tonne winch system and a fully undercover facility; ideal for a number of vessels and those wishing for a more tailored technical service without the hassle.

The companies hope to offer the Thames community and their customers a more reliable service.

Nicholas Warren MD of Burgess Marine said: “Richard Turk [MD of Turks Shipyard] has a superb facility here in Chatham; he’s built a great business in the ideal location.  

"Our aspirations are to support this business further - we can provide technical management, coded steel and aluminium welders, electricians and hydraulics engineers as well as marine fitters.  We look forward to working with Richard and seeing how things on the Thames develop."

Burgess Marine has workshops and offices in Dover, Portsmouth, Portchester, Southampton, Poole, Avonmouth, Devonport and within STP Palma.


by Laura Stackhouse

readmt.com Editor

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