Less than a quarter of businesses see data as a ‘strategic’ asset

According to a new study, 23 percent of UK company decision makers see data as an important part of business strategy
Less than a quarter of businesses see data as a ‘strategic’ asset

New research from data technology firm, Rosslyn Analytics suggests that just 23 percent of UK business decision-makers see data as a strategic asset. 

The study, which looked at 600 UK organisations, found that 43 percent of respondents believed it was too hard to use data efficienctly because there were too many sources and varieties of data to go through. This was closely followed by a lack of quality information. 

Supply Management quotes chief executive Charlie Clark as saying: ““Our research shows that only 30 per cent of business leaders explore data with a set question. Understanding data is key to achieving data-business alignment, where data not only informs business strategy but the business strategy also dictates the type of data owned by the organisation.”

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by Laura Stackhouse

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