Bunker fuel quality showing improvement, says IBIA

IBIA chairman Jens Maul Jorgensen said that early results suggest bunker fuel quality has got better since last year
Bunker fuel quality showing improvement, says IBIA

Bunkers are showing an improvement in quality, according to the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).

The IBIA has been running a campaign to get companies from across the marine fuels supply chain to raise their game. Addressing an audience of over 1000 marine fuel buyers, suppliers and traders at the association’s annual dinner in London last night (9 February), IBIA Chairman Jens Maul Jorgensen said that the early results for 2015 show that there has been a marked improvement in bunker fuel quality with eight percent of samples found to be off-spec compared with 10 percent in 2014. These results are based on samples taken by testing company Intertek ShipCare.

“Test figures for standard submitted samples during 2014 show around 10% of all samples were deemed to be off specification based on a single test result with respect to the fuel grade purchased,” Jorgensen said. “Figures for 2014 also showed a significant change in purchasing patterns of the types of products, with a steady increase in the number of distillate fuels being tested. The number of distillate samples being submitted for testing rose by 15 percent in 2014 compared to the figures for 2013.”

The IBIA Chairman added that the drop in oil price has resulted in there now being less incentive for refiners to blend down their products and that there has been an increase in suppliers using the ISO2010 & 2012 specs.
Improving fuel quality has been an important issue for IBIA as the quality of bunkers delivered to ships is under scrutiny. In October the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) MEPC 67 agreed to establish a correspondence group to develop draft guidance for assuring the quality of fuel oil delivered for use on board ships, and to consider the adequacy of the current legal framework in MARPOL Annex VI for assuring the quality of bunkers. Tested samples which were found to be off-spec reached an all time high in 2013 with one quarter not reaching the required standards.

Jens Maul Jorgensen also took the time to congratulate the marine industry’s response to the collapse of OW Bunker in October enabling many of the company’s former employees to quickly find new positions. “IBIA went out a few days after with free membership to the unemployed OWB employees; IBIA ASIA arranged information meetings and thanks to the industry support the majority of OWB staff found new employment: it shows that we are one big family.”.


by Laura Stackhouse

readmt.com Editor

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