Hoegh discharge begins

Luxury cars worth an estimated £30m driven off vessel
Hoegh discharge begins

The discharge operation for the Hoegh Osaka began yesterday with vehicles worth an estimated total of £30m removed from the vessel that ran aground in the Solent at the turn of the year.

Among the 1,4000 vehicles were Jaguars, Minis and Land Rovers, as well as a £260,000 Rolls Royce Wraith. 

A spokesman for Hoegh Autoliners' Navigate Response said: "There is only limited damage to the cargo. Most of the lashings held, and only a couple of pieces - large machinery - shifted.

"Water damage only occured on the lowest deck and on the one side the ship was listing. Only preliminary checks have been made on the vehicles at this point. We will be coordinating with other companies, including manufacturers and dealers, to carry out a full assessment of the cargo."

The Hoegh Osaka was deliberately run agroung on January 3 when it began to list, having left the Port of Southampton. It was returned to Southampton on Thursday. 


by Tom Holmes

Marine Trader Editor

Tom Holmes is the Editor of Marine Trader and readmt.com, the official publications of the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA). To discuss news, features or contributing to Marine Trader please get in touch.

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