KR software to help vessels work to ECA requirements

The Korean Register has developed a software program to assist ships with fuel issues to ensure that they comply with the latest low sulphur regulations
KR software to help vessels work to ECA requirements

The Korean Register has created a program to help vessels to comply with Emission Control Area regulations.

The in-house software programs assists ships with fuel oil change over to ensure they are within the limits of the new low sulphur regulations.

As of January 1 2014, MARPOL Annex VI Reg 14 states that vessels transiting ECAs must burn fuel with a sulphur content of 0.1% or less. Ships therefore must switch from normal fuel to low sulphur fuel before entering these regulated zones.

KR’s software calculates fuel consumption at actual operating speed to work out the time required to completely switch to a low sulphur fuel. Currently ships are relying on the experience of the chief engineer to calculate this, but KR states that the result of this is that vessels are burning more of the expensive low sulphur fuel than they actually need to.

The fuel oil change over (FOCO) software will give more accurate timings, according to KR, meaning that shippers will save both fuel and costs. FOCO will give technical data that can be used to report to port state control if change over times are questioned.

Commenting on the software, KR's chairman and CEO, Dr. B. S. Park said: “This software comes at a time when the shipping community is working hard to comply with strict environmental controls and is part of a range of tools we are developing to help customers and stakeholders."

The FOCO software can be downloaded from KR’s website


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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