Hoegh Osaka vessel list is reducing

Salvage work on the Hoegh Osaka continues
Hoegh Osaka vessel list is reducing

The list of the Hoegh Osaka is reducing, according to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

The vessel was lying at 52 degrees when it was first grounded on the 3rd January 2015. It is now at 39 degrees as of Monday evening.

Agency reports state that the weather on the scene continues to be favourable and the operation to remove clean water from the vessel’s lower car decks is ongoing.

The vessel will stay at Alpha Anchorage until the list has been taken down to approximately 15 degrees, some ship’s systems have been reinstated and weather conditions are suitable.

The long range weather forecast is now indicating that it is unlikely that the Hoegh Osaka will be moved from Alpha Anchorage to a berth at Southampton Port on Wednesday 21st January 2015.


by Laura Stackhouse

readmt.com Editor

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