Rotterdam Port sees dramatic rise in throughput

Last year saw throughput in the Port of Rotterdam rise 1% to 445 million tonnes, although not all market sectors performed quite as well...
Rotterdam Port sees dramatic rise in throughput

Rotterdam Port has revealed that throughput rose sharply by one percent to 445 million tonnes. However according to the data, other market sectors did not perform to the same standard.

The container sector was up by 5.8 percent (volume) while oil products fell the most by 8.1 percent. Breakbulk experienced 12.1 percent growth, where as dry bulk fell by 0.7 percent. An extra 4.8 percent of crude oil passed through Rotterdam Port.

Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO, Allard Castelein said: “In 2015 the same growth is expected in the container sector. In the coming years we will nurture the large, existing sectors in the port, while also focusing strongly on innovation and broadening the range of activities in the port. We need both for a healthy future."

During the organisation’s annual presentation, Castelein said that the port still faced some challenges, particularly due to the changes in the energy sector, chemical industry and in logistics.

“So that the port can continue to be a strong pillar of our prosperity in the long term, we are working with business on innovation and on broadening the range of activities in the port,” explained Castelein.

“We can already see evidence of this in the increase in offshore activities, but the energy and chemical sector also need to become more sustainable. We are focusing on increasing efficiency in industry and on developing bio-based industry.

“For the container sector the development of the Hinterland connections is particularly important. This year, the new container terminals on Maasvlakte 2 will be busy starting up; from 2016 onwards, however, there will actually be extra capacity for further growth."


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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