Meriaura to build two new fuel-efficient cargo vessels

Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes will build two 4700 dwt VG EcoCoaster vessels for Meriaura aimed to reduce the company's environmental impact
Meriaura to build two new fuel-efficient cargo vessels

Meriaura has entered into a contract with Royal Bodewes for the building of two new general cargo vessels.

In an attempt to strengthen its position in the shipping market., the two newbuildings will be 4700 dwt VG EcoCoasters, which are designed to have a reduced environmental impact. The hull and machinery are optimised to the speed of 10.5 knots in open water conditions. The diesel electric driven booster unit has been designed with the aim of cutting emissions drastically.

According to a statement by Meriaura, the vessels will have a dual fuel system, with the main engine suitable for biofuel and MGO.

The company is currently working to lower fuel consumption and GHG emissions, with a goal tat at least 50 percent of the fleet will be fuel efficient and low emissions Eco Coasters in five years’ time. 


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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