Unipec is dirtiest charterer of 2014

Poten and Partners report reveals that Unipec takes the number one spot in the 2014 list of dirty spot charterers
Unipec is dirtiest charterer of 2014

Unipec has been named the dirtiest charterers of 2014.

In the annual Poten and Partners’ review, Unipec topped the dirt spot charterers list, with a reported 815 fixtures. This represented 7.8% of the total dirty spot market activity.

Oil major, Shell took second place with 758 fixtures, while oil trader Vitol moved up a spot to third, replacing BP.

Italian oil company ENI was a new entrant in the top 20 at number 15, while Valero dropped out of it this year.

In the VLCC spot market, Unipec dominated with a 566 reported fixtures. This represented 28.4% of the total and according to Poten and Partners is more than the next five largest VLCC charterers combined.

Poten and Partners writes that the suezmax market fixtures are more evenly distributed among charterers, none having more than 10%. At the front of the pack is Chevron, with BP, Shell, Repsol, Total (CSSA) and Exxonmobil close behind. Meanwhile in the aframax market dirty fixtures are dominated by Atlantic basin charterers with Shell, Vitol and BP taking the top places. There is also a clear presence of charterers from Russia and the Former Soviet Union in the aframax segment because of companies like Litasco, Socar and Clearlake, which move large volumes of crude and fuel oil in the Baltic and Black Sea.

“We are expecting an interesting year in the oil and tanker market,” Poten and Partners states in its report. "With the rapid decline in oil prices and a healthy rate environment, we are off to a good start! 


by Laura Stackhouse

readmt.com Editor

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