Hoegh Osaka on the move

The cargo ship owned by Höegh has now freed itself from the sandbank and is on the way to Southampton water
Hoegh Osaka on the move

The Höegh Osaka is finally on the move after days of being stranded on the sandbank.

The cargo ship, which was carrying high-quality cars when it left Southampton on Saturday, was purposely run aground after it began listing dangerously in the shipping lane.

Yesterday afternoon the Maritime and Coastguard Agency announced that the ship “self-floated” at 1.55pm and all salvors had left the vessel safely.

According to MCA the ship is still listing but is under tow to a holding position two miles easy of its original grounding location.

The new position is inside the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth jurisdiction, close to Spitbank.

A full assessment of the incident and the vessel will be carried out once the Osaka is at its new location. 

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by Laura Stackhouse

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