Clipper and Genco launch new supramax pool

The Clipper Sapphire Pool has been established for modern supramax grab fitted bulk carriers between 52,000 and 58,000 deadweight
Clipper and Genco launch new supramax pool

Clipper Group and Genco have announced that they are launching a new supramax pool in 2015.

Clipper Sapphire Pool is a new commercial pool for supramax grab fitted bulk carriers with deadweight between 52,000 and 58,000.

Sixteen vessels are so far committed to join th at the start of this year, with 50% of the ships coming from Genco and the other half from Clipper.

“We are pleased to continue to grow our pool management business which now carries a 20-year track record of performance,” said Gary Vogel, partner and CEO of Clipper Group.

“We are strong advocates of pooling, not only from a manager’s perspective, but from that of an owner, as we directly reap the benefits of efficiencies and economies of scale alongside the other pool members.”

With the start of the new Sapphire Pool, Clipper will operate 52 ships within four separate pools, including the Trader Pool, the Emerald Pool and the Clipper Logger Pool.

Under the Genco/Clipper agreement, the first vessel to deliver into the Sapphire Pool in January will be the Genco Pyreness.

Clipper states that it is working to grow the pool with existing partners and new first class owners over the course of 2015.

The company added that it is currently in discussions about adding an additional ultramax pool, focused on 63,000+ deadweight vessels, of which it has eight.

The new pool will begin operations immediately.


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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