Get rid of red tape in shipping industry, says BIMCO

BIMCO is urging the International Maritime Organisation to reduce or streamline the amount of documents, certificates and what they call ‘red tape’ in the industry
Get rid of red tape in shipping industry, says BIMCO

BIMCO has announced its support for a report which looks at ways of reducing red tape in the shipping industry which will be presented to the IMO next week in London.

The report, which is by the Ad Hoc Steering Group for Reducing Administrative Requirements (SG-RAR) set up by the IMO in 2012. According to BIMCO the report contains findings and conclusions on the best ways to reduce administrative burdens associated with mandatory IMO conventions and codes, and also the result and analysis of the first ever public consultation undertaken by the IMO between May and November 2013.

The report calls for the electronic certificates and similar documents to have equal weight as original paper certificates. Along with this, SG-RAR advises that an electronic “single window” information exchange system should be introduced to fulfil multiple reporting requirements, and that ship owners, administrations, classification societies and commercial parties accept electronic or software solutions as a suitable replacement for paper documentation.

The consensus of the report is that there is an overall need to identify and reduce potential administrative burdens before approving new or existing IMO regulations.

BIMCO offered its full support to the report and its thirteen recommendations, ahead of its presentation at the 113th session of the IMO Council (C 113).

Lars Robert Pedersen, BIMCO’s Deputy Secretary General, commented on the report: “If the recommendations of this report are put into practice, they will establish an enhanced and modern platform for simplifying the daily work on-board ships as well as ashore.

“Shipping needs to be able to use the latest technology for its reporting – and recognition of electronic certificates ought to be a prerequisite in this day and age.

“BIMCO therefore urges the IMO Council to make firm decisions on the basis of the recommendations and remove unnecessary administrative burdens.”


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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