KVH offers free Ebola safety video to mariners

New guide from Videotel, which explains the dangers of Ebola and its impact on ships and seafarers, can be downloaded for free along with an accompanying workbook
KVH offers free Ebola safety video to mariners

KVH Industries has announced it will release Videotel’s new video about Ebola safety to mariners for free.

In an effort to increase awareness of important prevention measures, Ebola - Staying Safe explains the dangers of the Ebola virus and its impact on ships and seafarers.

On KVH’s Ebola safety website mariners will be able to download the free video and an accompanying workbook. In addition to this, KVH delivered the entire video program today to its IP MobileCast customers on vessels across the globe, who will automatically receive the video for immediate viewing onboard.

“This is a perfect example of why it is sometimes necessary to send out urgent training updates without delay and not wait for the annual update process,” says Nigel Cleave, Videotel chief executive officer.

Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH chief executive officer added: “The Ebola epidemic is a crisis of worldwide proportions and one where commercial ships and seafarers are at risk given the global nature of their jobs.

“Distributing the free video by digital means enables us to get the information to all mariners quickly, especially seafarers who may be in or near a port in the affected region, where it is unsafe to go ashore.”

Ebola – Staying Safe is a 15-minute training program which was produced in the last eight weeks to ensure it includes the most up-to-date information. It explains what Ebola is, what its symptoms are, and how the virus spreads. It also outlines the ways in which crew members can protect themselves, and also what steps masters, ship owners, and ship managers can take to keep crew members safe from harm.

“The Ebola training film covers matters of life and death,” says Videotel’s Nigel Cleave. “It has to be accurate, engaging, and well designed from a didactic point of view so that mariners of all cultures and backgrounds understand it. Our ship owner and ship manager clients are facing Ebola-related decisions every day as their ships approach and leave affected ports and at Videotel our first instinct is to support them."

KVH’s initiative to distribute the video to seafarers around the globe is company-wide: Videotel is providing the video free as part of the regular updates for its training program subscribers on more than 11,000 vessels; KVH Media Group, a provider of commercially licensed news, music, TV, and movie entertainment content for the maritime industry, is directing customers to the download site; and Crewtoo, KVH’s online seafarer network, is informing over 100,000+ seafarer members via social media.

The video is also being distributed by a number of seafarer agencies, including the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), which is promoting the video to some 450 seafarer centers around the world.


by Laura Stackhouse

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