Alfa Laval scrubbers added to newbuilds

Alfa Laval says PureSOx scrubbers will be installed on vessels belonging to Belgian shipping and maritime operator Exmar
Alfa Laval scrubbers added to newbuilds

Alfa Laval scrubber systems are to be installed on two liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers owned by shipping company, Exmar.

The 38,000 m3 newbuilds are currently being constructed at Hanjin Heavy Industries in Korea and are scheduled for delivery in the first and second quarter of 2016.

In a statement Alfa Laval said its PureSOx systems, which help to reduce sulphur oxide emissions, will be hybrids; allowing them to operate in seawater on open loop or in circulation water on a closed loop.

"The choice of exhaust gas cleaning from Alfa Laval is based not only on the merits of the PureSOx system itself, but also on Alfa Laval's merits as a scrubber supplier," said Lee Dong-hoon, part of Hanjin's senior management.

Rene Diks, manager marketing & sales, exhaust gas cleaning at Alfa Laval, commented: "The purchase order for a newbuild – unlike that of a retrofit – includes yard-specific demands that must be taken into account. As the scrubber supplier, we must be well prepared to clarify and motivate any technical deviations between our system and the shipyard's own thinking. This is the basis on which the shipyard makes an informed choice, before the terms and conditions of the contract are even handled."


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