Better internet access will help improve loneliness at sea

In a keynote address this week, UK Chamber of Shipping CEO Guy Plattern called for improved connectivity at sea to help individuals cope with being away from family and friends for extended periods of time
Better internet access will help improve loneliness at sea

UK Chamber of Shipping CEO, Guy Plattern has announce that improved internet access will help 'cure' seafarers who feel lonely on board vessels.

At the Merchant Navy Welfare Board’s annual dinner in London this week, Plattern spoke about how better connectivity and a strong economy can ensure prosperity for individuals who work at sea.

“The ability to send a message home, chat with friends on Facebook, even just check the football results. These small things can have the most profound impact on the mental health of our seafarers,” said Plattern during his keynote address.

“The industry has made significant progress, but that progress needs to be speeded up. Ships that have internet access allocate very little bandwidth for recreational use. There are legitimate technological reasons as to why this is the case, but as that technology develops and improves we need to ensure our seafarers enjoy the full benefit.

“If manufacturing declines. We move fewer goods. If unemployment rises and wages stagnate, we move fewer passengers.

"If we can deliver a healthier economy, if we can deliver new jobs and new investment, if we can bring more money into the UK then we can collectively better support our seafarers.”

Read Guy Plattern’s full speech here


by Laura Stackhouse Editor

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