Oldendorff to focus on corporate ocean responsibility

Dry bulk shipping carrier, Oldendorff has announced it is now a member of the World Ocean Council, an alliance which strives for corporate ocean responsibility
Oldendorff to focus on corporate ocean responsibility

Oldendorff Carriers has become a member of the World Ocean Council, an international alliance committed to corporate ocean responsibility.

The WOC stated that the company’s Green Ships Program, which will see 40 new vessels delivered over the next two to three years, clearly demonstrated leadership in working towards the resolution of environmental issues and overall fleet performance.

Thomas Weber, Oldendorff’s Managing Director said, “Oldendorff is pleased to become a member of the World Ocean Council. The WOC has created an international cross-sectoral forum for ocean industry collaboration on sustainability that doesn’t exist elsewhere.”

The company recently participated in an event, the WOC Business Forum on Ocean Policy and Planning in New York during September. Senior Port Projects Manager for Oldendorff, Capt. Paul Jeffrey was there and said at the time: “The WOC role on ocean policy is crucial to not only to the shipping sector, but to all ocean industries. The WOC is usually the only ocean industry presence at the UN and other international meetings on cross-cutting ocean policy, such as the current Law of the Sea negotiations. The WOC Business Forum last month exemplifies WOC’s unique and vital role in bringing together the diverse ocean business community.”


by Laura Stackhouse

readmt.com Editor

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