5 spectacular images of the Hoegh Osaka grounding

A 51,770 gross tonne car and truck carrier was purposely run aground on the 4th of January, and everyone wants to get a closer look...
5 spectacular images of the Hoegh Osaka grounding
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The Höegh Osaka is still sitting in the Solent on its side today, after it was deliberately run aground on Friday night. A quadcopter has captured some pretty amazing images of its resting place.

The 51,770 gross ton pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) was navigated into a sandbar in the Solent for fear that the vessel could capsize in the channel.

According to a statement by Ingar Skiaker, CEO of Höegh Autoliners, the vessel developed a severe list "shortly after she left port and the pilot and the master made the decision to save the vessel and the crew by grounding her on the bank. This showed great skill and seamanship and they had to make [a] quick decision and they did that in a very good fashion.”

All 25 crew members have been safely accounted for after being airlifted to shore.

Currently salvage operations are being attempted by marine salvage company, Svitzer.

It is so far unknown what exactly made the vessel begin to list. One company trying to work out exactly what happened is UK AIS tech firm, SRT Marine Technology. They've put together a 3D recreation of the international grounding which documents the movements of the Höegh Osaka, from when she departed Southampton to when she was beached at Brambles Bank.

The belief is that grounding the vessel outside the main shipping channel has prevented a much worse accident from occuring.

The UK Maritime Accident Investigation Branch is now looking into the incident. 


by Laura Stackhouse

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